Anti Aging Services:

   ~ To delay, prevent or reverse the aging process the application of advanced scientific and  
technologies for the early detection, prevention, treatment and reversal of 
    age-related dysfunction,
disorders and diseases.

 ~ A healthcare model promoting innovative science and research to prolong the healthy 

    lifespan in humans.

    ** Involves hormone treatments including :

A)  Nanonized Triple Growth Factor Essence for

     * Mesoderm for skin repair, revitalization and

     * regeneration of epidermal growth factor

B)  CRP1000,

     * stimulating the EGF cytokine complex to increase skin renewal and rejuvenation

C)  Vitamin B5 for beauty and health.

     * Beauty by

       - maintaining hair colour,

       - reducing enlarged pores and acne,

       - acne scarring and

       - healing damaged skin,

        - slimming .

      * Health by

       - wound healing, burns,

       - high cholestrol,

       - anti stress

D)  Stem Cell-Logist botanical stem cell therapy for

      * firming, lifting and plumping up facial lines,

      * stimulating collagen synthesis,

      * lightening scar marks and brightening complexion

E)  Regenerative stem cell Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for treatment of

     * aging skin, dark circles, neck line, hair loss and for rejuvenation of face,

      cheeks, mid face, hands and other parts of the body


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