Aesthetic services

The aesthetic services we provide are as follows:

     ~ Botox, Fillers and collagen for
     * face reshaping
contouring, wrinkles, frown lines,  fine lines, nasolabial lines,
     * double chin, face and neck lifting
and eyebrow lifting 

  ~ Italy Quanta asset Q Switch laser for

     * acne, lentigo, photo rejuvenation and epilation

   ~ Italy Quanta Q switch Nd: Yag laser for
     * removal of
pigmentation, birth marks, fine lines, uneven skin and melasma
   ~ Italy Quanta Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for
     * whole body
permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation   

  ~ Italy CO2 laser for 

         * instant removal of freckles, age spots, moles, oily seeds, Millia seeds, warts, hard spots

  ~ Italy C02 Fractional laser for
     * skin resurfacing,
acne scarring, fine lines and open pores 

  ~ Korea Beladona vaginal tightening laser for

       * tightening vaginal wall, collagen remodelling at vaginal area,  

       * improving vaginal xeranthosis,

       * improving symptoms urinary incontinence,

       * promoting mucosa regeneration at the vaginal area,

       * labia whitening,  

       * improving sexual experience

  ~ USA Lamis 810 nm Diode Laser for

        " fast, painless and permanent"

        * hair removal,

        * skin rejuvenation,

       * skin tightening and toning ,

       * acne removal

   ~ Germany GTT laser for
     * improving overall skin colour,
tone and texture,
     *  eliminating vascular lesions,
cherry haemagiomas
     * raised pigmented lesions,

     * removing skin tags, benign moles and warts

  ~ Victory II laser for

        * Body tattoo, eyebrow, eyeliner and lip tattoo removal

        * Pore tightening

   ~ Laser cat laser for
     * healing of scars, wounds, eczema,

     * strengthening of tissue,

         * collagen production and  

     * increase of lymphatic flow    

  ~ Thermage ( radiofrequency) for

           * wrinkles, whole body skin tightening, firming ,

      * lifting saggy facial skin,

      * body slimming, double chin, stretch marks and  

      * forehead, eyebags, earlobes, dimples and breasts, eye bags, for long term collagen remodelling

  ~ Peeling - light and medium peel for

      * treating acne and pimple scars,

      * pigmentation, freckles, congested and dull skin,

      * rejuvenation and whitening effect

   ~ Microdermabrasion and transderm for
     * severe acne,
acne scars,
    * chicken pox scars, uneven, congested and
rough skin                     

  ~ Mesotherapy for

        * face rejuvenation and whitening,   

    * spot fat removal and slimming 

  ~ Protein acupuncture for

         * detoxification, whole body slimming and firming

  ~ Ampoules for

          * Skin whitening, skin softening, 

          * skin rejuvenation,

          * skin tightening and firming 

     * improvement of skin complexion

  ~ USA Polus teeth whitening machine for

     * teeth Whitening


                         Some of the equipment we use for aesthetic services:










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